NHS Services:
This service is offered under NHS contract. Include all work that is necessary to maintain oral health. Will include examinations, fillings, dentures and crowns.
Will exclude aesthetic work, large white fillings, aesthetic crown and bridgework.

NHS Patient Charges:
If you pay NHS charges, you will pay one of four fixed charges depending on the type of care and treatment you need.
Patients will have to pay their full band charge at the examination appointment, or the balance at the next appointment.
NHS Dental care is still free to children under 18 or 18 and in full time education, as well as pregnant women and new mothers and people on certain state benefits.
Certain benefits are not exempt from NHS Dental charges. Please bring proof of your benefits each time you visit.

Preference to Dental Practitioner:
Patients will no longer be registered with the practice. You will still be able to see your regular Dentist.
If your Dentist does not have any more NHS appointments available, or is on holiday, you might have to see another Dentist.

Private Services:
This is not done under contract. This service offers a more personal service from the Dentist. The appointments are usually longer, and you will spend more time with the Dentist.
A greater choice of materials are used. Higher quality laboratory work, for a better aesthetic result. Greater range of treatment options available.
You can pay as you go for treatment. The practice hope to introduce payment plans for the future.
We usually ask for a deposit of £30 for children and £50 for adults. This fee will go towards your treatment.
Prices are from £25 to £40 for an examination, £40 to £90 for fillings and £60 to £90 for extractions.
Denture prices are from £400 to £700 and crowns from £300 to £400.
The price will depend on the specific treatment you need.